Salon Riot 6

HipHop Punk Rock
14. Juni 2019
ab 9 €

Live: Bernadette La Hengst & Légo; DJane: Viper3000 & Pa$ha; Ausstellung: Jana Hinrichs

// Salon Riot is a feminist cultural event series that is part of and takes place at Slow Club Freiburg since 2018.
// Salon Riot wants to put its main focus on female* arts´n´culture to support mainly female* Bands, DJanes* and Artists*.
// Salon Riot shall be a place for networking outside the heteronormative mainstream in night life and culture.
// Salon Riot celebrates Ladypower and the ideas of the 90´s Riot Grrrl Movement for more equality and a better representation of women* in culture.
// Salon Riot is an open event for all gender and wants to create a night life outside any gender roles´n´codes and as a safe space party for everybody.